We have been delighted to take the opportunity this week to spotlight some of the fantastic resources Children’s Parliament has developed to support children’s mental health and wellbeing through a children’s rights-based approach.

In the Year of Childhood, we want to demonstrate and amplify good practice, and highlight what a human rights approach looks like (and what it doesn’t). Here’s a round-up of all the resources we’ve been discussing this week.


Adventures in Wellbeing

We know through our Corona Times Journal, and “How Are You Doing?” Report that wellbeing is really important to our children. Since March 2020, children have been telling us about the impact that lockdown and Coronavirus have had on their wellbeing. They have been telling us about things they have found difficult and things they have found helpful.

Designed with and for children, Adventures in Wellbeing is a resource full of ideas and activities to support children’s wellbeing in the days, weeks and months after they return to school.

Feelings Inspectors

Our Feelings Inspectors at Bramble Brae Primary School in Aberdeen designed some wonderful resources through their Investigation into Mental Health, where they looked to support children and adults in the school community to reflect on mental health, behaviour and relationships through a positive lens.

They have created some gorgeous activity sheets on LoveBullying, and how to create a Self-Care Bear. If you’re an adult looking for some top-tips, look no further than their Adults Worksheet!

Back to School

Back to School is a resource for educators working with children in P5 to S2. All our lives have undergone some degree of turmoil in recent months. While we must remember how resilient children can be, we must also remember that trauma is rooted in disempowerment and disconnection (Herman, 1992) and that both have been significant features of the last year. Back to School has been designed to support conversations between children, and between children and adults in school, giving time and space to pause, reflect and then recover. Back to School will help schools take a rights-based approach to supporting children’s recovery during these difficult times.

Mind Yer Time

Designed by children and young people from Children’s Parliament and Scottish Youth Parliament, Mind Yer Time has been created to support everyone who loves social media and screen time. We’ve got positive tips, stories and information for children and young people, to help make screen time positive for health and wellbeing!

Child-Led Policies

How do we continue to champion children’s mental health? Manor Park Primary in Aberdeen have some wonderful examples in the contracts they have developed as a school community. Their Relationships Contract highlights some of the key ways adults can support children to have a happy, healthy and safe environment in school. Their Learning and Teaching Contract asks for “shout-free classrooms” and emphasises the knowledge that all children learn at a different pace and in different ways.

We’ve seen some wonderful examples of best practice, and fantastic amounts of resources on supporting children’s wellbeing this week. What will you be taking forward from Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week – and how can we all work together to support children’s wellbeing through a children’s rights-based approach?

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Jessica Smith
Programme Manager Year of Childhood

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2021: A Round-Up
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