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Celebrating the Children and Families Panel
Children’s Parliament hosted an event to celebrate the enormous impact that the Children and Families Panel have had on the project. Each family contributed so much…
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Learning for Sustainability: Reporter blog #2
Celebration and reflection are key to our rights-based practice. This blog shares thoughts from the Learning for Sustainability Investigators.
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We are one big family: A different democratic future
We placed the homes in position and when it was complete, it looked like a perfect place you would want to be in. I felt proud of what we achieved together.
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Learning for Sustainability Phase 2 update
“Learning environments should be calm, creative, and outside wherever possible.” – Members of Children’s Parliament
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We are making children’s rights real
Children’s rights starts with adults. It means we listen, we try to understand and we make sure we respect every child’s human dignity at all times.
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World Summit AI
I was invited by the Scottish AI Alliance to attend the World Summit AI conference in Amsterdam this month in my capacity as Project Lead for Children’s Parliament o…
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