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Learning for Sustainability Phase 2 update
“Learning environments should be calm, creative, and outside wherever possible.” – Members of Children’s Parliament
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World Summit AI
I was invited by the Scottish AI Alliance to attend the World Summit AI conference in Amsterdam this month in my capacity as Project Lead for Children’s Parliament o…
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Exploring Children’s Rights and AI – what have we learned so far?
With thanks to our friends at the Alan Turing Institute and the Scottish AI Alliance, without whom this project would not be possible, as well as our key partner schoo…
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What is a Children’s Human Rights Defenders School?
Child Rights Connect defines a Children’s Human Rights Defender (CHRD) as “children who take action to promote their human rights, the rights of their peers or the…
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An Exploration of School Uniform
School uniform doesn’t look the same everywhere and not all children wear uniforms to school. Before working with the children to think about what they want from a s…
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