World Children’s Day 2023

Happy World Children’s Day 2023! To mark the day, Natalie Don, the Minister for Children and Young People and Keeping the Promise, answered some questions posed by young people from the Scottish Youth Parliament. The young people’s questions focused on the Scottish Government’s work to embed children’s rights into Scots law.

These included:

  • On World Children’s Day, can you give children and young people an update on the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill’s progress, and what the next steps are?
  • When implemented, how will this bill change the everyday lives of children and young people in Scotland?
  • With this version of the bill having less coverage than the original in its protections of the UNCRC, what other measures are you taking to ensure our rights are properly upheld?
  • What is the Scottish Government doing to ensure that all children and young people and the adults around them understand their rights and this Bill, and how are you communicating this in a child-friendly way?
  • For World Children’s Day, to celebrate our work on the UNCRC, can you explain how children and young people have been involved in the process so far?
Date: 21st November 2023
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