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If they feel like their opinions are valued as a child, they will feel like their opinions are valued as an adult

Member of Children’s Parliament

Following the first phase of the Local Governance Review, the Scottish Government has asked communities from across Scotland to engage in further conversations based on the new Democracy Matters material, ‘imagining a different Democratic Future.’

Children’s Parliament have supported the engagement of children from across Scotland in this second phase, by inviting our Children’s Human Rights Defenders on a three-day residential to build their own imaginary town, which they have called Confidence Kingdom. The children considered how to engage in local decision-making processes, what this should look and feel like in their everyday life.

The residential took place in November 2023 and included a sharing event on the last day with Tom Arthur MSP, who attended with representatives from the Scottish Government – it was a great success.

We’ve made this whole town feel like a home for everyone.

Member of Children’s Parliament

A report of our findings will be published here in February 2024.

If you have any queries about our Democracy Matters work, please contact Katie Logie, CHRD Project Lead, at

Date: 2024
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