Getting involved

Children’s human rights can only be fully realised when we are all on board. Here are some ways you can get involved.

I can talk confidently to adults about different things, I’m better at making friends and I have learnt about children’s rights

– Member of the Children’s Parliament
How do children get involved with Children’s Parliament?

Our work with children usually starts through us contacting a school – either when we receive a commission from a public body to undertake a consultation, or are awarded funding to undertake a longer-term project of our own.

Although we are based in Edinburgh, we work throughout Scotland, and keep a list of interested schools in case an opportunity arises. After children have been involved in our basic children’s rights workshop or undertaken a creative project with us, they are then MCPs (Members of Children’s Parliament) and we try to involve them in other opportunities up until the age of 14. If your child’s school would like to go onto the list, get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Group of children participating in making a difference
Become an Unfeartie

Unfearties are individuals who are not feart (afraid). Unfearties are brave in discussing and defending children’s human rights. Unfearties make a difference in children’s lives by keeping the promises enshrined in the UNCRC.

Suzanne Zeedyk becoming a member of the Unfearties
How to help children in schools

The Dignity in School programme is creating a range of content for the Dignity in School Hub. A resource that is based on our direct work with adults and children in early years and primary schools. This work builds on our vast experience working in schools across Scotland. As context for this learning, we compiled our School Should be a Joyful Place (2016) publication.

Children learning to master puppetry