Our dream is that children grow up in a world of love, happiness and understanding.

Our mission is to inspire greater awareness and understanding of the power of children’s human rights.

Our Work

Our rights-based practice enables children to share their ideas and experiences so that they can influence positive change in their lives.

Unfearties, together we can make children’s human rights real 

Feart means scared in Scottish dialect. Unfeart means the opposite – it means being brave. We need people to be brave to support the realisation of children’s human rights – to ensure children are healthy, happy and safe wherever they are and whoever they are with.

Please join our band of Unfearties. Wear the Unfeartie badge and make a commitment to learning more about how children’s human rights improves children’s lives. Join our brave band and become an Unfeartie to find out some of the actions you can take to make children’s human rights real.

Unfearties mascot

Our News

Happy World Children’s Day 2023!

To mark the day, Natalie Don, the Minister for Children and Young People and Keeping the Promise, answered some questions posed by young people from the Scottish Youth Parliament. The young people’s questions focused on the Scottish Government’s work to embed children’s rights into Scots law.

Person with blue t-shirt taking part in session