The Year of Childhood is a year-long celebration of childhood running throughout 2021 and hosted by Children’s Parliament. During the year we are exploring childhood through the lens of children’s human rights, creating opportunities to share rights-based practice in an atmosphere of optimism and confidence.

What will it involve?

It will consist of a portfolio of events, discussions, webinars and roundtables and we will make sure to share the learning and inspiring stories. The overall aim is to help make children’s human rights a reality in Scotland.

Who is it for?

Whilst children will of course be central to the Year of Childhood – sharing experiences and advising Children’s Parliament on the programme – it is for all grown-ups to be listening, sharing ideas and experiences, raising awareness and promoting good practice whether that be in the home or in the community or at work.

Why now?

The aim of the programme is to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which is due to be passed into Scots law in Spring 2021. It is also Children’s Parliament’s 25th birthday year and we’ve a lot of learning to share.

What’s the big deal with children’s human rights?

The UNCRC sets out the human rights that must be realised for every child to flourish and reach their full potential. Making children’s human rights real ensures all children grow up happy, healthy and safe and live with dignity. It is rights-based practice which will drive Scotland to be a nation which ensures children grow up in a world of love, happiness and understanding.

Why celebrate childhood?

Childhood is the most important time in our lives, a time when lifelong health and wellbeing outcomes are established and where habits of a lifetime are formed. We can do better by our children and the Year of Childhood will help to amplify what we can do differently to improve the lives of children, families and communities.

Our Partners.

The Scottish Government, the Cattanach Trust and The Corra Foundation have provided financial support for the Year of Childhood and we’re working closely with Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights), the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland and the Observatory for Children’s Human Rights in Scotland.

The above information is also available as a downloadable PDF here

#YearofChildhood resources

We have developed a #YearofChildhood resource folder for public use. Please download this folder for the Year of Childhood logo, email footer, social media assets, community info sheets, and other helpful assets to get you started in your support for Year of Childhood.
Download the folder from Dropbox here.

To hear the children’s views of why UNCRC incorporation is so important, watch their Time is Now video from last year’s Children’s Parliament National Sitting


Unfearties are a self-appointed band of individuals who are courageous in discussing children’s issues, are making a difference in children’s lives, and who are willing to speak up for, and stand alongside, children.

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