Gender Equality in Education and Learning

Children’s Parliament worked with children to explore gender equality in education.

In collaboration with the Gender Equality in Education and Learning Taskforce, and with the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) who helped young people to participate, we have created a Theory of Change model to address gender inequality in the education system.

The long-term aims of the Gender Equality in Education and Learning Taskforce are that girls and young women:

  • Are taught by gender-competent educational professionals. 
  • Do not experience sexism, sexual harassment, or gender-based violence in the classroom, or other educational settings. 
  • Can freely choose subjects and areas of study, including those traditionally dominated by boys and men.

Working backward from these aims we worked with 18 girls and six boys from P5-S2 to build a Theory of Change that would lead from where we are now to an education system that would allow girls to be treated fairly, feel safe, and be able to freely choose their activities and subjects.  

The girls we spoke to brought insight and clarity to the consideration of where we are now. They were positive about the future of gender-equal education; they were excited to share their hopes and solutions around gender equality in education and learning. They were also clear on the message to decision-makers – change needs to happen and it needs to start now. 

When I started thinking about this stuff, I realised how much it was affecting me and how serious a problem this is – we have learned “it’s just how it is” but it isn’t acceptable

– Member of Children’s Parliament

The theory of change, created by the children, is presented in the report below:

Gender Equality in Education and Learning consultation was funded by Scottish Government and delivered alongside Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP)

Date: 2022
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