To inform the Year of Childhood programme we want to truly understand what makes for a happy childhood where children are nourished and can flourish. What makes children feel happy, healthy and safe? We invite you to help us create this picture.

If you are an adult, please share with us your memories of childhood. What helped you flourish? What impact has your childhood had on your adult life? And recognising that not all childhood memories are happy, what would you change to ensure children growing up today are happy, healthy and safe and live with dignity?

If you are a child or young person please tell us what makes you feel loved and cared for, understood and happy. Tell us the messages you want adults to hear about the importance of childhood experiences.

Please submit your stories in no more than 500 words. We welcome photos, drawings, poems or other creative ways you would like to use to illustrate your story.

You can send your stories in a number of ways:


Post: Children’s Parliament, Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

Online: via our web form below

Each week we will be sharing another of your stories on this webpage and via #FeatureFriday on our @creative_voices twitter account. Click on the images below to read the stories so far: