“We can only be human rights defenders if we are brave, courageous and ready to fight injustice.”

– Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We are pleased to announce that after a fantastic visit by Members of Children’s Parliament to the United Nations, Geneva, Day of General Discussion in 2016 we have been working closely with some incredibly inspirational adults. These key figures at the United Nations, including members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, have joined our growing band of Unfearties and pledged their support to stand alongside children, to ensure a fairer and more equitable world for all.

With over 500 members, the Unfearties movement continues to grow throughout Scotland and internationally. Visit the Unfearties webpage to find out who has already pledged their support, and encourage others to sign up to our growing band. Become an Unfeartie and share the valuable work you do to ensure children are seen, heard + believed.

Unfearties at the United Nations