“Before, I didn’t feel like I could voice my concerns, but being an Unfeartie helps my confidence as I know there are other people who share my ideas; it makes me feel the courage I need to speak out for children.”

leaderoffairnessAn Unfeartie

  • Listens to children
  • Views children as capable and an asset to their communities
  • Strives to ensure children’s voices are heard
  • Challenges infringements of children’s human dignity
  • Helps children learn the values of honesty, empathy, respect and social justice
  • Promotes greater awareness + understanding of children’s rights
  • Speaks up about their Unfeartie role and spreads the message about how to sign up

Do you recognise yourself in the description above? Would you like to join the brave band of Unfearties?

How to be an Unfeartie:

  • print out the Unfearties speech bubble below (if you don’t have a printer – draw your own speech bubble)
  • fill in your name
  • have someone take a photo of you holding it
  • complete the information below
  • attach the photo
  • press SUBMIT

Once we receive your photo and text we will post you out an Unfearties pack that will help you to tell others about Unfearties, and a badge to wear.

We encourage positive and inspirational tweeting with #Unfearties.

Download your Unfearties speech bubble here


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