School Food

Introduced in 2008, the Scottish Government’s Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) regulations set the minimum required nutritional standards for the food and drink that children and young people are provided with throughout the school day.

In addition to engagement with adult stakeholders, the Scottish Government commissioned Children’s Parliament to facilitate discussions with children and young people to explore their views on the food and drinks provided in school.

Food helps me concentrate and means I don’t have to think about getting hungry.

Member of Children’s Parliament, aged 12

236 Members of Children’s Parliament, aged 5-and-16 years old, took part in workshops facilitated by Children’s Parliament. Workshops were held in seven settings – five primary schools and two secondary schools in the following local authorities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Midlothian, Aberdeen, Highland, the Western Isles and the Scottish Borders.  Working across these settings ensured children from diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities were able to participate. In addition to the workshops, an online survey about school food was completed by 201 children and young people from six of the schools.

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Date: 2018
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