“Stand up for other people who don’t know their rights or may not have the courage to speak out”

Children’s Parliament’s National Sitting 2018 brought together experienced Members of Children’s Parliament (MCPs) and Unfearties, adults who understand that children’s human rights, as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, are the key to ensuring all children grow up happy, healthy, safe and loved.

Sharing their experiences as Human Rights Defenders with the Unfearties, children exhibited artworks that they created to explore themes ranging from the environment, to gender equality, education to community life and play. Unfearties, in turn, were invited to reflected upon their role as defenders of children’s human rights and asked how they plan to support and empower children, so that they too can hold the agency to be Human Rights Defenders in Scotland.

Together, how can children and Unfearties make Scotland a nation with human rights at its heart?

See a short film, made during the event, here:

During the event, discussions focused around 4 key questions, some of the delegates thoughts are shared below:

1. Why is it important that children are able to be Human Rights Defenders? 

“Children are experts in their own experience.”

“Stand up for other people who don’t know their rights or may not have the courage to speak out.”

“Some adults think children’s ideas and opinions are not ‘fully-formed’ – not true! Why should they wait until they are 18?”

“So, we can take action when bad things happen.”

2. Why is it important that adults are Unfearties? 

“Adults have the responsibility to LISTEN and take ACTION.”

“To speak up and use their influence to make children’s rights real.”

“To make sure other adults listen too.”

“So that children don’t feel alone.”

3. What can Unfearties do to make sure children can become Human Rights Defenders?

“Make space, give time, listen, support, ACT!” 

“Incorporate the UNCRC.”

“Like and love children.”

“Let children tell their story.”

4. What difference would it make if Scotland was a nation of Human Rights Defenders and Unfearties?

“Children would know about their rights.”

“Less shouting, less bullying and more smiling.”

“Less injustice, less sexism and less discrimination and more equality.”

Parents getting more support.”

“A country of love and trust.”




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