Food & Fairness

Our Food and Fairness investigation ran from March 2023 to June 2023. It was delivered in partnership with the University of St Andrews, School of Medicine. The main aim of the investigation was to explore children’s views and experiences in areas related to food, health, and fairness, to inform further research by the University of St Andrews, and to influence policy development in relation to food and health inequalities. Our participating children investigated five different areas related to food and fairness:

  • Access to food
  • Food and identity
  • Information and marketing of food
  • Food, play and exercise
  • Food and the environment.

Children’s Parliament worked with two primary schools in Fife where we delivered two full-day workshops with over fifty children from Primary 5 & Primary 6. The focus of the workshops was to introduce participating children to the UNCRC and children’s human rights. Following the workshops, twelve Investigators from both schools participated in a series of six workshops and three missions, which were led by children and delivered to their classmates, investigating what food and fairness meant to them. The children presented their findings and key messages in a sharing event with adults who can influence food and health policy in Fife and beyond. The key messages the children shared were: Children have worries over people accessing food.  Children want adults to listen to children on food choices. Food is important to children to build relationships and feel happy, healthy and safe.    

Download a copy of the Children’s Parliament report below:

Kate Cuddihy (Children’s Parliament’s National Programme Manager), and Dr Andrew Williams (St. Andrews University) introduce their new project to us today: “Food and Fairness”.

1st blog: Ranim Asfahani joined Children’s Parliament as a Project Worker at the end of February 2023. Here she writes about her experiences beginning work on our Food, Health and Fairness Project, as a new member of our team.

2nd blog: Ranim Asfahani, Project Worker, shares the next steps on our Food and Fairness project.
Food and Fairness: Next Steps – Children’s Parliament (

Project delivered in partnership with St. Andrews University, School of Medicine.

Date: 2023
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