Consultation on National School Uniform Guidance

Understand kids need to wear what they like, not just what you like. It’s their families who have to pay for it and it’s the kids who have to wear it

Member of Children’s Parliament, School Uniform consultation
Consultation on National School Uniform Guidance (Children's Parliament, 2023)

In September 2022, Children’s Parliament was asked by the Scottish Government to engage with primary-age children in Scotland on the National School Uniform Policy and Guidance. Scottish Government are committed to providing statutory guidance on school uniform with the aim of reducing costs for families and sought out the views of primary age pupils on what is important to them about school uniform.

Through a half day workshop on children’s rights and a full day workshop on uniform policy, we worked with over 100 children, from P2 – P6, at three primary schools in Edinburgh, Clackmannanshire and Aberdeen. During the workshops, the children explored and learned about their rights as precious jewels and put on a school uniform fashion show with items they designed themselves, amongst other creative activities!

The views, ideas and opinions gathered from the children during these workshops have been pulled together in a report, which you can find here:

You can also read up on each workshop on our blogs here:

Introduction to Children’s Rights

An Exploration of School Uniform

The Scottish Government have published an analysis of the consultation on school uniform, which you can explore here. We look forward to hearing their plans to improve school uniform in Scotland. 

This consultation was completed along with the Consultation on the Universal School Milk Scheme. You can find out the outcomes of that work here

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Date: 2023
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