Introducing… Milk and Uniform

“Children have the right to be listened to ‘because kids have ideas about stuff’”

Member of Children’s Parliament, 2022

Children’s Parliament are working with children at 3 primary schools to gather their views on two separate areas of Scottish Government policy development: The Universal School Milk Scheme and National School Uniform policy and guidance. 

We recently visited each school for introductory workshops that introduced Children’s Rights and lots of fun activities and games to get to know each other! 

Lots of the children told us they knew about children’s rights but most also said that they still struggle with them sometimes. We introduced the idea of rights to the children explaining that rights are like jewels, they are precious, and we need to keep them safe. The children designed and decorated their own jewels and identified and discussed rights that stood out to them that day.  

Children have the right to play and relax because “you learn when you play” – MCP 

Children have the right to be listened to “because kids have ideas about stuff” – MCP 

Children have the right to food, clothes, decent home, “so you can be stuffed up and full, have somewhere to sleep and have fun” – MCP 

After the children created their precious jewels, one classroom teacher helped the children make them into special bunting for their classroom! 

We asked the children to think about rights at school. We discussed as a class and then each child made a clay model to illustrate something that made them feel happy, healthy or safe at school. 

“Saying hello to a teacher in the morning makes you happy” – MCP  

 “I feel healthy when I ‘feel unwell and friends try to make you feel better and make you smile” – MCP  

 “(I made) me saying goodbye to my mum before I go to school. You might miss them.” – MCP  


We closed off each workshop by sharing our favourite bits of the day: 

I enjoyed playing with my best friend.” – MCP 

“Making my gems” – MCP

“I enjoyed playing with the clay” – MCP  

One of our school partners surprised us with a dance party! It was exactly what we all needed to round off a full day of conversations and activities. 

As our investigations continue, we’ll be sharing the children’s feedback on both The Universal School Milk Scheme and the National Uniform policy and guidance – stay tuned for more!


Date: 28th October 2022
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