In February 2022, Children’s Parliament was asked by Scottish Government to speak to children in Scotland about why Learning for Sustainability is important to them.  

Through delivering a series of full-day, creative workshops, we have worked with 120 children in five Early Years Centres, Primary, and Secondary schools across Scotland. During the workshops, children have explored their human rights, created 3D ‘happy, healthy and safe’ maps, and answered the question ‘What does Learning for Sustainability mean to me?’ From these initial workshops, we will be working with 12 Investigators in weekly online calls throughout May and June 2022. 

Excitingly, the children will work with an illustrator to bring their mascot, Dodger the red squirrel, to life in a digital creative output. The children’s creation will be published in Summer 2022. 

The workshops and Investigation have brought children’s views on climate education and the delivery of Learning for Sustainability across educational settings into focus. Now is an exciting moment for children’s human rights and climate participation in Scotland; the COP26 Glasgow Agreement is fresh in our collective consciousness, and the continuing work on United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) implementation. You can access Children’s Parliament’s 2021 work with Scotland’s Climate Assembly, including the Members of Children’s Parliaments’ Calls to Action on the delivery of climate education to realise children’s rights here

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