Climate Changemakers and the UN 26th General Comment

Recently, we met up with our Climate Changemakers to input into the UN 26th General Comment on Children’s Environmental Rights, which is currently recieving children’s input to develop the final draft. This will provide UN states with guidance on how to best implement children’s environmental rights (a new outlined right).

You can read about this process here:

And you can support other children to contribute to it here:

Our key takeaways from our meeting were:

  • 🦔It was wonderful to come together with the MCPs again to reflect on how they have felt in the year since the Climate Assembly ended last February. We drew ‘river journey’ maps to think about how we felt before, during, and after the Assembly, and what children need from adults to feel supported during participatory processes. We laughed and smiled a lot last night 🙂
  • 🦔The children are still very passionate about their Calls to Action and seeing real change on tree planting, land use, and climate education that is holistic and involves children’s ideas. We reflected on the lack of progress from Scottish Government on implementing the Calls to Action they announced they would progress last year- the children didn’t feel they had seen or heard any progress on sharing libraries, tree planting, climate education, or single use plastic bans. They were positive about the LfS review and the Day of National Discussion ensuring children were participating in processes, but they wanted to know why their specific Calls to Action had seen little progression.
Date: 7th February 2023
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