‘Being an Imagineer doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I’m making the world good.’ – MCP Imagineer

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Children from across the city are Imagining Aberdeen as a place where children are healthy, happy, safe and doing their best.

Our school partners are Bramble Brae Primary, Manor Park Primary, Riverbank Primary and Tullos Primary.

In school year 2015/16 300 children considered life in the community, at home and at school and explored the idea of human dignity. Reports on their insight are published below.

Then 20 children – our Imagineers – took part in a Mural and Film Project which captured children’s vision for the city, distilling the key messages that children need adults to understand and act on. Watch the children’s film and download the Mural leaflet below.

In school year 2016/17 our partnership continues with more learning about children’s human rights and human dignity – and a new focus on attainment as part of Aberdeen City’s commitment to the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

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Project Reports

Please click on the media links below to view the Imagining Aberdeen Phase 1 Project Reports.

BrambleBrae Primary School (Imagining Aberdeen_phase 1 report

ManorPark Primary School (Imagining Aberdeen_phase 1 report)

Riverbank Primary School (Imagining Aberdeen_phase 1 report)

Tullos Primary School (Imagining Aberdeen_phase 1 report)

Mural Leaflet

This leaflet describes the children’s key messages as developed during the Imagining Aberdeen Mural week 2016.

Imagining Aberdeen Mural Report

Acts of Kindness

The Imagineers have been thinking about kindness and produced this poster to encourage kinder communities in Scotland.

Kindness poster


Imagining Aberdeen participants won the Aberdeen City Council Children and Young People’s Champion Award 2016.





Project delivered on behalf of Aberdeen City Council