Unfeartie Manifesto

Our aspiration is to harness curiosity, connect individuals, build capacities and create a movement of Unfearties who are empowered to make children’s human rights a reality in Scotland (and beyond).


  1. Children have human rights
    Children have human rights, and we will actively seek their ideas to help shape our work.
  2. Happiness, love, and understanding
    Children should grow up in an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding.
  3. Rights-based relationships
    We promote human rights-based relationships so our work with children is underpinned by the values of trust, kindness, empathy, and respect for human dignity.
  4. Everyday behaviours makes a difference
    We believe that our everyday attitudes, behaviours, and practice can contribute to making rights a reality for children.
  5. A movement can make changes
    We want to grow a movement of adult Unfearties who actively stand up for and promote children’s human rights resulting in real changes.
  6. Empowering
    We are committed to empowering all adults, individually and collectively, to adopt a children’s human rights approach in daily life.
  7. Everyone
    We believe that every adult has the potential to be an Unfeartie through collaboration and connection with others.
  8. Inspiring
    We hope to. inspire other people to raise awareness if the importance of children’s human rights.
  9. Changing hearts and minds
    We believe that together we can change hearts and minds. to create a nation (and beyond) that values children and their human rights.

One person or action can cause big changes. It’s time we create the ripple that causes the wave.

Jessica Smith, Unfeartie