wee-democracyFunding from the SEED Sponsored Research Programme 3 in 2005 enabled desk-based research work which sought to examine the interface between family life and children’s rights with the intention of creating a model of work with families which could be rolled out at a later time. Funding was awarded in stages.

In 2007, four families were recruited to take part in three family sessions facilitated by a project worker. Using an Arthurian Theme, and a variety of props and activities, each member was given an opportunity to talk about how things worked – or didn’t work – for them in the smallest democracy. Family members appreciated being able to have new conversations where everyone’s views were treated seriously. Children’s Human Rights could then be explored and adults were able to articulate an improved understanding that Children’s Rights go beyond a good intention.

In 2008 discussion with other agencies in the field allowed us to better understand their interest in this area and to begin to build relationships with potential partners who could support a roll out of the model. Both government and non-governmental agencies were involved.


Wee Democracy (2007)