Police ScotlandIn early 2017, Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority published the draft strategy for the future of policing in Scotland entitled ‘2026: Serving a Changing Scotland’.  The document outlines the approach, values and priorities that will guide the work of Police Scotland for the next ten years.   

The strategy states that the main purpose of policing is to improve the safety and wellbeing of persons, localities and communities in Scotland (page 8).  To achieve this aim, Police Scotland must include the voices of the citizens they are serving, including those of children.   

As part of the public consultation on this strategy, Police Scotland commissioned Children’s Parliament to engage directly with children so that their experiences, views and ideas can be included in the dialogue informing Police Scotland’s direction of travel. 

Children’s Parliament facilitated creative workshops that addressed the following themes:

  • Children’s knowledge of and experiences with the police   
  • The role of police in our communities 
  • How police should think, speak and behave 
  • Children’s hopes for the future of Scotland and how police could help make this vision a reality

More information about the Policing 2026: Serving a Changing Scotland consultation and the ratified strategy can be found here: www.scotland.police.uk/policing-2026/

Project Report

Click the image below to view and download the Just People Like Me: Police Scotland report