beststartlogoProfessor Susan Deacon was commissioned by Scottish Government to find out about the importance of the early years of children’s lives. Susan invited Children’s Parliament to organise an event in Edinburgh, at which children could have their say about what helps create the best start in life.

A group of 9 and 10 year olds from 6 primary schools in Fife took part in activities and discussions at Victoria Quay about children’s needs and rights in the early years. A number of MCPs from the current Fife Community Programme were also involved to bring their own views and support younger children’s participation.

The children worked in small groups and used props to help them think about the life journey of two imaginary children: Jack & Chloe. Through this they considered:

  • What do children need in the early years?
  • What gets in the way of children having their needs met?
  • What do adults need to do now for children in Scotland?

In the afternoon the children met with Professor Susan Deacon and other senior personnel from Scottish Government, NHS and Local Authorities to share their work and key messages.


Best Start in Life (2010)