Alcohol-free Childhood

What would it be like to experience an alcohol-free childhood?

Children from three schools across Edinburgh worked with us to bring the perspective of primary-school-age children into emerging discussion and action on an alcohol-free childhood.

The consultation was commissioned through a commitment – expressed in the Scottish Government’s Alcohol Framework 2018: Preventing Harm – to put the voices of children and young people at the heart of developing preventative measures on alcohol-related harm.

In 2019, Members of Children’s Parliament were invited to become investigators on the subject of an alcohol-free childhood. Alongside Children’s Parliament staff, the child participants co-delivered 10 workshops with other children in their schools/settings. Participants explored their experiences of alcohol, including where children see alcohol, what impact alcohol has on children, what children think about an alcohol-free childhood, and what would need to change to ensure that children are not affected by alcohol-related harm.

Participating Edinburgh schools were Sighthill Primary School, Stenhouse Primary School, and St. John’s Primary School.


In September 2019, we released the Alcohol-free childhood consultation film and report, outputs that capture the children’s views and voices. Watch, read, and download these below:

The consultation was commissioned by Alcohol Focus Scotland.

Date: 2019
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