Talking About School Milk

We started our workshop exploring the The Universal School Milk Scheme by having breakfast together. It was so fun to catch up on the children’s news and relax into our day together! 

To gather the children’s initial feelings about milk we played a drawing game that captured their thoughts about drinking milk and milk in school:

Lots of the children said they liked drinking milk:  

“Children like milk because it keeps your bones strong.”  

“Sometimes people like it cold and I like it hot.”

“It helps me run when I play football.” 

However, some  of the children didn’t: 

“It gives you a funny taste in your mouth.” 

“It’s not got any flavour in it.” 

“When I drink it too much it makes my tummy hurt.” 


Every child we worked with was given a wooden cow to decorate then we took the cows on tour! We asked the children to take us to places in school where they would take a milk break. We discussed what kind of place would be good, who would be with them and if they would be doing anything else at the time. 

Some of the children had gave some excellent reasons for their preferred times and places to have milk:

“After you do gym because you might be sweaty or thirsty”  

“If everyone doesn’t get milk that’s not fair, it needs to be the whole school.”   

“I don’t like it but would like to have the break outside.”

(There’s a PSA with you and) “you can have a chat”. 

“If you only got a little breakfast and milk might fill you up.” 


After thinking about drinking milk in school we worked outside and asked the children to create a frozen picture/tableau that showed them taking their ideal milk break at school. 

We asked each child a different question when they were frozen in their poses, about where they would have their milk and who with:   

“In school I don’t normally drink milk and I wouldn’t drink it if it was free” 

“From a straw (…) it’s easier to drink out of.” 

“In my home!” (I would take it home if I was given it at school) 

“With friends so it’s fun.” 

“In the dinner hall so I can put my milk on the table and can have a little play after.” 


To round up we gave each child back their decorated wooden cow and asked them to write a call to action on the opposite side. Somethings that the children felt that adult decision makers need to think about when they are making decisions about the milk offer were:  


“[It’s]important to be free in case people can’t afford it.”

“You should be offered [free milk].” 

“It needs to be recyclable.”  

“Spending time with people and playing games together when you have your milk.” 

“Free milk every day, for everyone.” 



At our check out everyone said one word to describe how the day was. 

“Fun, Awesome, Moo-tastic, Exciting, Love!” 


Date: 25th November 2022
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