It’s #InternetSafetyDay on Tuesday 9 February, and we want to highlight the fantastic work done by our Members of Children’s Parliament through their Screen Savers project and their input to the #MindYerTime web-resource.

“Using screens can be good and bad. After using screens and games a lot you can get annoyed and aggressive. That’s happened to me before, I was on my tablet 24/7 and I’d get angry with my mum when she asked me to get off it.“
– Nicola, 11

Designed by children and young people from Children’s Parliament and Scottish Youth Parliament, Mind Yer Time has been created to support everyone who loves social media and screen time. There are positive tips, stories, and information for children and young people, to help them use their screen-time in ways that are good for children’s health and wellbeing!

Bullying Online

Our Screen Savers have been particularly interested in developing multiple resources to combat bullying online.

“Look out for your friends and help them when they’re having tricky days. Stand by their side and make them know that you’re there for them if they need you.”
– Screen Savers

Find more of their top tips for children here.

Bullying in Gaming

Our Screen Savers have put together some brilliant tips on Bullying in Gaming here.

“If you think gaming is causing you to feel angry, take a break.”  — Aeren, aged 10.

Top Tips for Adults

We asked our Screen Savers how they like to work with adults online, and they offered us the following top tips!

  • When you are teaching us something complicated online it might be confusing and take longer for us to get the hang of it. Be patient and tolerant. Make sure everyone understands before moving on.
  • It’s going to be difficult using different technology, sometimes the wi-fi is slow and things take ages to load. We need adults to be around a lot to help and encourage us.
  • It’s important to check in with us because some kids are feeling down and missing being around other people at school.
  • Make our time online fun and creative. When there is time to laugh and play it makes us feel enthusiastic and brightens our day.
  • We need to be active. Too much time in front of the screen gives you sore eyes and headaches. We need breaks to exercise, dance, spend time with our families, and eat snacks.

Internet safety can be an area of concern for many adults. But as our recent past has proven, it can also provide opportunities for creative practices with children and young people to flourish. What are your top-tips for keeping safe online?

Jessica Smith
Programme Manager, Year of Childhood

Internet Safety Day 2021