The individual professional person who engages with children day-to-day is a key ally in the delivery of the experience of rights for children whether at school, within service provision, or in the community.  As the rights of the child enshrined in the UNCRC become law, Members of Children’s Parliament investigated how professionals make rights real. Go to Children’s Parliament Investigates – How Professionals make rights real for a bank of inspirational resources and prompts created by MCPs.


About the Project

Using our established approach called Investigation, 12 Members of Children’s Parliament (MCPs) have been meeting with professional people to talk about childhood and children’s human rights, and to explore what professionals can do to make rights real.  These MCPs in East Lothian and Clackmannanshire, aged between 9 and 11, investigated the topic on behalf of children all over Scotland. They met with adults who do all kinds of jobs involving children and discussed how children’s rights can be upheld and enacted in the workplace. Employing their findings, the MCPs co-created a range of resources to support professionals to embed children’s rights into their practice.

The project is now complete. To mark the completion of the project, the MCPs proudly presented their creations at local launch events during April 2022.

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