Under the Same Sky – Children’s Parliament at the United Nations

Under the Same Sky was an international constellation of projects exploring children’s rights and the environment. Children’s Parliament’s StreetsAhead Tranent project represented Scotland’s contribution to the constellation. Five other contributions came from work undertaken in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Australia and Brazil.

This is what effective participation looks like. This is what we’re trying to get governments to understand and to do.

Amal Al-Doseri, Vice-Chair, United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

These projects were featured at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion 2016 on Friday, 23rd September.  During the day the StreetsAhead Tranent participants were asked to share their mural with delegates from all over the world, including members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

We are all so grateful for the opportunity [our daughter] had here. Chance of a lifetime and an experience that has and will impact her life in so many positive ways.


The Under the Same Sky Constellation film as shown as part of UN Day of General Discussion 2016.

The film below explores the children’s experience of the day and highlights the importance of children’s participation in such events.

These quotes were received from international delegates attending the UN Day of General Discussion 2016:

‘This is genuine participation’

‘When will governments realise this is what we’re looking for?’

‘The children truly own this. It’s wonderful’

‘What you have brought to us today is truly inspiring’

‘What you’re doing here is outstanding’

For more information about the UN Day of General Discussion and the impact this event is set to have, please see the United Nations website: UNCRC Day of General Discussion 2016

An online newspaper was created to document the project and share the children’s input beyond the UN Day of General Discussion 2016. Available below:

The Project Toolkit is available below. The toolkit explores ways to replicate the Under the Same Sky project outcomes in your community:

Under the Same Sky was delivered in partnership with International Play Association, Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland, and the Fa’side Area Partnership.

Date: 2016
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