wvlogoWee Voices was first conceived in 2008 and is a collaboration between Fife Council, Children’s Parliament and The Scottish Preschool Play Association (SPPA). The proposed aim of the project is to develop a creative Children’s Rights programme for the early years.

Before embarking on a full development phase we wanted to first test the relevance of introducing Children’s Rights approaches into an early years setting. A period of Action Research to test relevance, methods of engagement and direction for future development took place in May/June 2010 in association with Aberdour Playgroup, Fife.

This initial investigatory phase was funded by Scotland’s Commissioner for Children & Young People (SCCYP) and supported by The University of Edinburgh through research carried out by Naomi Maynard (MSc).  Throughout the process the Project team was aided by Sue Gutteridge who was commissioned to act as a ‘critical friend’.



Wee Voices (Learning Points Document, 2010)