Children’s Parliament’s StreetsAhead Glasgow project worked with children in the East End of Glasgow to bring their views on what their communities need to be safe, healthy and happy. Working in collaboration with the Violence Reduction Unit, children’s voices were included in the discussion around the development of safer communities.

School workshops with over 200 primary children led to the ‘mural week’: the creation of an audio/visual mural by a group of 20 children using material gathered at the schools workshops. The imposing and colourful mural enabled their messages to be shared with other older children and young people, with parents, carers and professionals. This process encouraged and enables children to speak for themselves about their aspirations for themselves, their families and their communities.

The mural painting week was also filmed, giving the children the opportunity to talk about life in their community. The resulting 7-minute film is now available to view below.

StreetsAhead on tour

After a successful tour of the East End of Glasgow and Glasgow Museums the StreetsAhead mural was exhibited at the Scottish Government, Victoria Quay. Other highlights included the presentation of the mural and film at the Violence Reduction Unit’s conference: Scotland and Violence Prevention.



A report of the project was produced for the National Violence Reduction Unit and the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. Download it at the link below.

StreetsAhead Glasgow (2011)

Children’s mural

Artwork facilitated by Joanna & Yonnie