IMG_5657In partnership with Children 1st, this project explores children’s views of family rules, discipline and punishment, and parental support and guidance.

A growing body of evidence confirms the vital importance of nurture and positive relationships on children’s development.  For children in the early years and middle childhood, the environment and relationships that need to be examined are within home and family life.

Starting with whole class workshops and then working more intensively in small groups with an animator, short films will be created, exploring:

  • What are family rules and why are they in place?  What happens if a rule is broken?
  • How should parents/carers approach discipline and punishment?  What works and what doesn’t?
  • What feelings do children associate with rules, discipline and punishment?
  • What do children need from parents/carers in terms of guidance and support?
  • In what kind of home environment do children flourish?

We are working in three primary schools across Scotland – East Lothian, Glasgow and Clackmannanshire – to get a range of views and opinions.

Children’s Parliament and Children 1st facilitated an event with children and key decision makers in February for the children to show their films and to provide an opportunity for discussion.



Pushing the Boundaries was funded by Awards for All Scotland and delivered in partnership with Children 1st (

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