home-free-logoAccidents and injuries in the home are one of the main causes of hospital admissions for children under the age of 15. In 2014 RoSPA commissioned Children’s Parliament to facilitate a consultation with primary aged children about home safety and accident prevention.

Using creative workshops 75 children in Edinburgh, Perth & Kinross, Dundee, Scottish Borders and Inverclyde were consulted.  They explored their perspectives on and understanding of home safety issues and thought about what children need to keep themselves safe, where they learn about looking after themselves, and who the best people are to give them information on safety.

As the creative workshops were limited to include 15 – 20 children per school, in order to increase the number of children’s views gathered, 153 additional children aged 9-11 in the schools undertook a child-friendly survey.

A short film of the workshops was made by Hugh Farrell and is available for viewing on RoSPA and Children’s Parliament websites.



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