Fair hut

Fife children explored and articulated their views around the questionWhat does a fairer Fife look like for children?

Whole-class workshops took place in Balcurvie, Denbeath, East Wemyss and Kennoway primaries; children from each school were then selected to take part in an intensive 5 day project through which they created a 24 foot mural.

This consultation fed into regional and national discussions about how Scotland can be a fairer and more equal place to live. The children’s 24 foot mural helped Fife Council better understand the needs of children. The mural process also supported children to articulate to Government their needs in relation to: “Creating a fairer Scotland – What Matters to You?


Mural Leaflet


Fairer Fife Mural Project
People across Scotland are taking part in a national discussion about how to create a fairer and more equal place to live – www.fairer.scot (link no longer live – 3.3.21)
Children’s Parliament ensures that children’s voices are being included to create a truly fair society.

Creating a Fairer Scotland
The Fairer Fife Mural Project explores how children in Fife understand fairness – and unfairness – at home, at school and in the community. This mural shares the views and experiences of 150 children, age 9 to 11 years, and their ideas for how Fife and Scotland can be an even better and fairer place for all of us to live.

The Kingdom of Shattered Dreams & the Kingdom of Unlimited Chances
The mural is split into two kingdoms that depict the children’s ideas of fairness and unfairness. The castle in the middle of the mural represents the stark difference between these two kingdoms, with one side locked up and crumbling and the other unlocked and free. On the left is the Kingdom of Shattered Dreams. The Tyrant of Unfairness rules it, not seeing or listening to the needs of his people. As a result, the Pool of Tears has filled up with all their sadness, loneliness and negative experiences. On the right is the Kingdom of Unlimited Chances, where the Great Leader of Fairness ensures that everyone is looked after properly, listened to and respected. So that no one is left behind, the Fairness Bus travels throughout the kingdom and is available to all. Surrounding these key mural landmarks are messages from children about how life can feel fair or unfair at home, at school, and in the community, and what can be done to make things better for everyone. Take a journey through these kingdoms in order to understand more about children’s lives in Fife today.

Artwork facilitated by Joanna & Yonnie

Funded by Fairer Scotland Fund