garden-growIn 2012-13 Children’s Parliament consulted with children on the Scottish Government’s proposal set forth in the Children and Young People Bill. This Bill set out ideas for taking forward an approach to children’s rights and services and once agreed would become the Children and Young People Act 2014.

Children’s Parliament consulted with children about the Scottish Government’s plans to make Scotland the best place to grow up. As a way of thinking about this, we imagined Scotland as a beautiful garden and each and every child as a unique and special plant, growing in that garden.

107 children aged between 9 and 12 years old attended 2 full day workshops so that they had the time to talk and think about children’s lives and the adults who help them.

The workshops took place in Angus, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Stirling and West Lothian.

A ‘garden’ display, bringing together all the views of the children, was exhibited at the Scottish Government, Victoria Quay.



Please download the formal report here Children and Young People Bill Report 2013

Download a copy of the children’s poster report here Children and Young People Bill 2013 (Children’s Poster Report)