“Art puts colour and joy into things” – Participant, 2012

ArtColourandjoyA consultation as part of Creative Scotland’s development of a Scottish National Youth Arts Strategy.

The purpose of the consultation:

  • To consult with children under 11 about their current involvement in the arts
  • To find out what activities they would like to be involved in
  • To find out why they think children should be able to take part in the arts

Children in P4-6 in Glasgow, Fife and Edinburgh were consulted using creative processes.  One school was in a rural location, and one was a special school.  135 children took part.

In their creative workshops children considered these questions:

  • What is art?
  • How does art make you feel?
  • What else can the arts be?
  • Where can you see art or take part in arts activities?
  • What are the artistic things you do? And where do you do them?
  • Are there arts activities or artistic things you would like to do?

What’s important about art and arts activities?  In particular why is it important for children to take part?


A report title Art Puts Colour and Joy Into Things of the children’s voices was created for Creative Scotland, find it at the link below:

Art puts colour and joy into things (Creative Scotland 2012)

Trumpet-Pipe (for Magritte)