CP Investigates Bullying

Through the lens of children’s human rights, children from eight schools in the City of Edinburgh explored what they need to feel happy and safe in their relationships at home, school and in their community. Each school hosted a team of six CP Investigators who met with Children’s Parliament staff to explore what bullying is and its effects. Through the project’s outputs and sharing events, investigator’s ideas helped to influence the City of Edinburgh Council’s understanding of bullying in schools.

Bullying makes children feel horrible, abandoned and left alone. You feel like no-one ever cares about you.

Member of Children’s Parliament

Our participating schools were: Abbeyhill Primary, Flora Stevenson Primary, Granton Primary, Hermitage Park Primary, James Gillespie’s Primary, St. John’s (RC) Primary, St. Peters (RC) Primary and Wardie Primary.

Visit the Investigator’s blog to see what they got up to during the project CP Investigates project blog

To share their messages with adults, the children created the following short films exploring themes of Human Dignity, Kindness, Empathy, Trust, and Bullying.

The children’s graphic messages of Human Dignity, Empathy, Kindness and Trust are available below:

Our final report is available below:

Project delivered in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council.

Project funded by Young Start.

Date: 2017
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