Established in 1996, Children’s Parliament is Scotland’s centre of excellence for children’s participation and engagement. Through our rights-based, creative practice, we provide younger children from diverse backgrounds across Scotland with opportunities to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings so that they can influence positive change in their lives at home, in school and in the community.

Children’s Parliament works for a world where all children grow up in an environment of love, dignity and respect.

Our work supports the Scottish Government, local authorities and other public bodies to fulfil their legal obligations to promote and protect the human rights of everyone and fulfil their duty of care toward children. We support the private sector by demonstrating good practice in relation to working with and engaging children, and we support other charities that advocate on behalf of children by giving them access to the views of children on specific issues.

Our local and national work is increasingly recognised at international levels. Following our participation at the United Nations in Geneva in 2016 as part of the Day of General Discussion, Members of the Children’s Parliament have been invited back by the UN, this time children are participating in the planning and delivery of the 2018 United Nations Day of General Discussion: Children as Human Rights Defenders. Our local, national and international work supports our organisational mission, to lead the development of a rights-based culture in Scotland and ensure that children’s voices are actively engaged in shaping our world.

Children’s Parliament both practices and encourages these values:

  • Honesty: We are truthful and open to the views and experiences of others
  • Respect: Both for the views of others and that no-one should ever feel small or stupid
  • Diversity: We are different and we are equal
  • Empathy: We can understand others by putting ourselves in their shoes
  • Participation: It is everyone’s right to have their say and to take part
  • Social Justice: We must do what we can to make the world a better place for ourselves and for others.
  • Action: If something is wrong we should try to change it.

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We acknowledge the support of the Scottish Government through a CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund Grant

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