Do you know someone who promotes, protects, or defends children’s human rights?  Please tell us about them!   We want to shine a light on #UnsungUnfearties as part of our 25thbirthday celebrations and inspire others to bravely champion children’s rights.  All nominees will receive a special silver Unfearties badge.

Unfearties are adults who are courageous in discussing children’s issues, are making a difference in children’s lives, and who are willing to speak up for, and stand alongside, children. They can come from all walks of life, e.g. healthcare, postal service,  education, justice, mum, dad, grandparent, siblings.

Online Nomination
  • Write, take a photo or record something about your nomination.  
  • Upload the audio, video or photo to the online nomination form. 
  • Complete the additional information and submit it to us. 

If you work with children, we invite you to help them to nominate people they know, too. Here is a simple guide to the process that you can share.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about children’s rights and adults’ responsibilities.  Along with the above online nomination form, there are also the following ways to submit a nomination.

Print, photograph & send
  • Print out the #UnsungUnfeartie speech bubble – click here to download. (If you don’t have a printer, draw your own speech bubble).
  • Write the name of your #UnsungUnfeartie and have someone take a photo of you holding it.
  • Upload it to the online nomination form or email it to us.
Email Individual nominations 

Please send us:  

  • Your name 
  • The name of the person you are nominating (first name is fine) 
  • Your relationship with the person 
  • The reason for your nomination (this can be written, an audio recording or photograph).  
  • Your address (so we can send you the badge to give to them)  
  • If possible, please send an email address of the person you are nominating so we can contact them to congratulate them and ask for permission to share any personal photos or information. 
Email multiple nominations from groups, organisations or schools  

If you are sending nominations from a group of children: 

  • You can send us one address for your organisation – we will send all the badges there. 
  • Remember to label audio recordings, videos, photographs or drawings with the name of the child who is making the nomination
  • If the name of the nominated person is not clear in recordngs or photographs please send those details too. 
  • If you use the #UnsungUnfearties speech bubble they can be sent as attachments in one email. 

If you would like help with submitting nominations, please contact me. 
Carmel Faulkner –
Unfearties Project Worker