Fathers Network Scotland demonstrates Unfeartieness through fostering strong relationships based on equality and mutual respect. Their work with fathers is helping adults to learn about and meet their obligations as duty-bearers and ultimately contributes to creating ‘ an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding’ for children. Here is an #EverdayUnfeartieness story from Fathers Network Scotland celebrating Unfeart dads, it has been written for us by Co-Director Cathy Sexton.

Article 18 of the UNCRC tells us that, “Both parents share responsibility for bringing up their child and should always consider what is best for the child. Governments must support parents by creating support services for children and giving parents the help they need to raise their children.”

Our job at Fathers Network Scotland is to make sure it is as easy for as many dads and father-figures as possible to become Unfearties by sharing the responsibility of bringing up their children. We want to shine a light on the huge number of amazing unfeartie dads and father-figures already out there and encourage others to follow in their footsteps, That’s why every year we conduct surveys, so dads can share their experiences of being a dad and explain any barriers they face when being involved with their children’s lives.

In March this year we found out that 44% of dads spent 25 hours or more home-educating or playing with their children (in 1974 the average was just 35 minutes a week). And that’s not the only thing that happened during lockdown – a staggering 67% of dads want to change the way they parent in the future. Two thirds of dads who commented said that they wanted more time, or better quality time with their children:

“I will continue to make sure quality time is spent with my child as he has benefited so much.”

Fathers Network Scotland survey response

“I really want to spend more quality time with my family, so I may look to condense/reduce my working hours.”


“I’m now able to do the school run every day and feel much more involved in my children’s lives. I’ve been able to plan home schooling around my job. I very much hope there isn’t a return to “normal”.”


More dads than ever want to become Unfearties and share responsibility for bringing up their children – even before they are born! They are asking to be involved before, during and after their child’s birth, at nurseries and in schools. They are asking for more flexibility at work so they can spend quality time with their family bonding, playing and learning together.  We are here to enable as many families as possible to dispel outdated myths about the role of dads and father-figures and celebrate the unsung multitudes of Unfearties already embracing their potential as caregivers and role models at the centre of their children’s lives.

Fathers Network Scotland have joined in with the Year of Childhood 2021 hosted by Children’s Parliament. Their Summer Family Adventure is a collaboration between Fathers Network Scotland, Children’s Parliament, and the Scottish Book Trust, using Bookbug and Read, Write, Count books gifted to children across Scotland to inspire a summer of family outdoor reading, learning, and playing. Seven weeks of activities are planned which encourage grown-ups to listen to and share experiences with children. You can find the first three weeks of The Summer Family Adventure online here:  https://www.fathersnetwork.org.uk/summer_family_adventure

Unfeart dads