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Leaders of Learning is an exploration of children and young people’s experiences of learning, both in and out of school, and how they can be included in the planning and delivery of learning as outlined by Curriculum for Excellence. The consultation focused on 7 key themes:

  • How children understand their entitlement to a Broad General Education – what does this mean to me?
  • The support children and young people receive in their learning – support from whom? how do they help me?
  • The methods and approaches to teaching and learning that enable them to achieve – how do I learn best?
  • The barriers to learning that children and young people face – what stops me from learning?
  • The value and recognition of achievements outside of school – how can my school support my interests and accomplishments?
  • The issues that exist around transition points for children and young people – what is difficult about moving up?
  • Children and young people’s involvement in planning around learning – is my voice being heard?

Children’s Parliament engaged with 56 children and young people from nursery to S3. Through a series of workshops that discussed learning as a journey, the children explored these key themes using a variety of creative activities, including personal reflection, drawing, group discussion, drama and graphic design programmes on the computer. The children and young people worked in small groups and using their work from throughout the workshops, the children created storybooks that highlighted some of the children and young people’s important messages about learning.

Boots in the Park
Help me out
Learning through life
Six distractions on cloudy island
The adventure of the dark side
The crash landing

Leaders of Learning was delivered in partnership with:

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