In March 2020, Children’s Parliament was working closely with 127 children as part of ongoing programmes and consultations. These children are known as current MCPs (Members of Children’s Parliament).

While moving to digital responses, we recognised that our MCPs might like some more support for life in lockdown. Children’s Parliament created the Adventures at home activity pack. Each pack included creative activities, materials and surprises.

A key component was our Adventures at home newspaper, full of top tips from MCPs. Which we hope can help children and adults to make children’s human rights real at home during the global pandemic. We have now made this available here online, so every child can enjoy some Adventures at home.

Download: Adventures at home (2020)
Download: Fingerknitting method

Thanks to our friends who kindly offered their time and support towards making Adventures at home: Elspeth Coutts who created the wonderful finger knitting tutorial, Christine Blundell who provided each Member of Children’s Parliament with handmade soap.