2018 was Children’s Parliament’s 22nd year of operation and our busiest yet! Through our projects and consultations we engaged over 1000 children (aged 6-12) living across Scotland; from Stornoway to Coldingham, from Aberdeen to Benbecula. Members of Children’s Parliament travelled to contribute to events including the annual Eurochild Conference (held in Croatia for 2018), the United Nations Day of General Discussion in Geneva, as well as returning to discuss matters at home with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her Scottish Government Cabinet

Relationships with local communities were strengthened through partners’ commitment to engaging children’s voices in local democratic matters and with the help of Together Scotland and Children in Scotland’s 25 Calls campaign, more adults than ever (actually crashing our webpage!) joined the Unfeartie movement, affirming their dedication to ensuring children are seen, heard and believed – there are now over 1000 adult Unfearties!

To remember all of this activity, we created the #CPYearinReview and publically shared our year in an A-Z format via Twitter. We’ve now collated this into a Twitter moment, which you can see below:

CP Year in Review
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