The Children’s Parliament makes children’s participation relevant and purposeful while maintaining a sense of creativity and fun. For local partners we recognise there is also an interest in linking their support to key policy drivers. While CP staff are focused on direct engagement with children we do understand and articulate connections with policy:

  • Curriculum for Excellence: The Children’s Parliament wants to be part of the transformational change which Curriculum for Excellence offers. The message that learning happens across a child’s life, and that learning should be active, participative and concerned with active citizenship has led us to identify a range of experiences and outcomes from several curricular areas which engagement with the Children’s Parliament can support. Further detail on how CP links activity to experiences and outcomes in social studies, religious and moral education, expressive arts, literacy and health and wellbeing is available.
  • GIRFEC: At the heart of GIRFEC implementation is a commitment to keep the child at the centre. GIRFEC is explicit in its recognition of the framework which the UNCRC brings to professionals views of and responses to children, particularly those who are most vulnerable or marginalised. CP is keen to engage in ongoing discussing about how we can bring the child’s voice to implementation.
  • Early Years: There is increasing recognition of the importance of the early years of a child’s life. Through the lens of children’s human rights and an understanding of children’s needs and the importance of family life the Children’s Parliament supports efforts to improve support for children and families through timely support, early intervention and prevention. Informing the work of Professor Susan Deacon, Scotland’s Early Years Champion, the Children’s Parliament was invited to organise an event at which children could have their say. Children took part in activities and discussion about children’s needs and rights in the early years. Go to the Best Start In Life page.
  • UNCRC implementation: In 2008 the Scottish Government Children’s Rights team produced ‘Do the Right Thing’ – identifying a number of areas where Scotland needs to make progress regarding implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Children’s Parliament has facilitated Do the Right Thing Local Projects in Scottish Borders and Angus – raising awareness and creating opportunities for dialogue about the meaning of children’s human rights. Go to Do the Right Thing page.

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