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In February 2013 BBC Reporting Scotland featured a community event in the East End of Glasgow where the mural creators met with local community members.  See the piece here.

Streets Ahead Glasgow BBC NEWS March 2013
Streets Ahead Glasgow BBC NEWS March 2013

“An absolutely outstanding film with a really powerful message. It ticks all the boxes – alcohol, violence, sectarianism, football.”
John Carnochan, Violence Reduction Unit, Strathclyde Police

"The mural made me feel sad as some of these children feel as I felt 40 years ago."
Community member

"Absolutely fab! The children have all worked so hard and had great fun. It shows the importance of listening to children as their messages are so powerful."
Staff from St. Anne’s Primary School

"The best part of the StreetsAhead project was painting the mural and sharing stories with other children."
StreetsAhead Participant


StreetsAhead: Glasgow Children Paint the Way

Children’s Parliament worked with children in the East End of Glasgow to bring their views on what their communities need to be safe, healthy and happy.

Workshops led to the creation of an audio/visual mural so that their messages can be shared with other older children and young people, with parents, carers and professionals. This process encourages and enables children to speak for themselves about their aspirations for themselves, their families and their communities.

The mural painting week was also filmed, giving the children the opportunity to talk about life in their community. The DVD is available from Children’s Parliament.

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StreetsAhead on tour

After a successful tour of the East End of Glasgow and Glasgow Museums the StreetsAhead mural was exhibited at Scottish Government in Leith. Other highlights have included the presentation of the mural and DVD at the Violence Reduction Unit’s conference: Scotland and Violence Prevention.

"This mural has made me really think hard about how we engage with children to get their views on policy development. We don’t do this effectively enough and projects like [StreetsAhead] show us how it should be done." – Scottish Government policy team member.

StreetsAhead Mural

You can see a larger version of the Mural in the StreetsAhead GALLERY